Who Is Your Character?

Here’s some food for thought for those of you who enjoy developing character concepts.

Ok, so you I have a really cool idea for a character. Your character can do some pretty cool stuff.

But WHO is this person? How does your character interact with other people? How does your character respond to the environment?

What I’m really getting at is personality, which I think is just as important as WHAT we can do, and sometimes is even more fun to utilize than combat ability.

Think about the WHO and WHY, not just the WHAT and HOW.

This is part of the reason we have Perks and Flaws!

There’s a very popular personality typing system that is used for a lot of business and professional purposes, that I think can be used for role-playing.

Is your character:

  • Introverted or Extraverted
  • Intuitive or Sensitive
  • Thoughtful or Emotional
  • Judgmental or Perceptive
  • Assertive or Turbulent

Using these identifiers, you can build a really good foundation for your character.

Check this out for more:
Myers-Briggs Personality Types


Something I posted awhile ago in the discord chat:

Might help focus your players onto ideas about/for their characters. ALSO really good for NPC and world leaders/nations