When will the books

When does the core rules books start shipping out?

This is the last prediction we have from the Kickstarter updates. Keep in mind this is a prediction, so nothing is set in stone yet.

We probably have about 8 ~ 12 more weeks before that cutoff point happens, as the books should ship to you in mid-to-late July 2017.

How do i down load pdf the core book

via backerkit, go in and there is digital download

I can’t find it Could you send me the link.?

No, I can’t send you a link. Doesn’t work that way.

If you go to backerkit, search for Open Legend, then it will ask for the e-mail yo used for kickstarter. It will send you an e-mail to access the survey. Once there, it should give a summary of the price I think, and if you scroll down there is “digital downloads”.

@themattman there’s a screenshot. If you go tot he order confirmation part that details your payment, there are all those sections you see there.