What speed is using a consumable item?

Is this a minor action or a major action? Like drinking a health potion.

It’s a major action, as using any extraordinary item is essentially the same as invoking the equivalent boon or applying the equivalent bane. That doesn’t change for consumable or expandable items.

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Thanks for the info!

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The action time of a consumable is the same as invoking the listed thing itself.
Heal, Restoration and many other Boons are Major Actions as well.
Light would be a Minor Action as listed, and Transmutation would be 1 minute.
If applicable, damaging attack and defend actions would be a Major Action and the usual defend action rules respectively.

Though according to @VanGo all consumables are Major Actions???
That would mean Light would require a Major instead of a Minor action, and I can immediately make a sword or something as a Major Action with Genesis.

No, you are right, it’s whatever the original invocation time is, as I even wrote out. In a majority of cases, that’s a major action, especially if you are in a combat situation, as outside of combat that question ain’t often that relevant anyway.


And, of course, unless the item itself specifies a different Action type to use it. Though usually this will cause a change in the price of the item and/or rarity.

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