What I'm Making - DIY Dice Tray

I was going to wait until this was completed, but I’m super happy the image transfer to wood came out and wanted to share.


Wood tray from craft store.
Self-Adhesive foam sheet for the inside bottom
Stiffened felt for interior sides
Polyurethane - Clear Gloss
Tacky Glue and glue brushes (to spread the glue evenly for felt)
Wax Paper

Made a small dice tray last week, and it came out ok, but thought I could bigger and better.

The part I have done and am super excited came out:

(outside bottom of tray)

How to do it:
Take image into image software and reverse it. I did a horizontal flip in MS Paint.
Cut wax paper to fit into inkjet printer.
Print flipped image on wax paper.
Place wax paper on wood so you can read it proper (the ink side pressed against the wood)
Take a gift card and rub over the wax paper. Don’t be afraid to be press down. The ink will press into the wood.

Follow the instructions here (please read in case I forgot something):

I’ll come back and complete post when the tray is done next week.


It’s finished!

The box was sanded down, and then the image was transferred from wax paper (see post above). Once the ink was dry, I applied 2 coats of polyurethane (letting the first coat dry before apply the second).

The inside of the box (the rolling the dice side) has stiffened felt on the sides, and an adhesive foam sheet on the bottom. I applied Tacky glue to the sides, and spread it evenly with a glue brush. Stiffened felt was nice because it wasn’t flapping around as it was applied to the sides.

The adhesive foam sheet was not as thick as a regular foam sheet, which I liked. Also, if I wasn’t getting the foam sheet in quite right, I could lift it up and try again as long as I had a hold on it.

Now, my dice explode in style!