What do you think of Batman

It was the best I could do… any suggestions are most welcome.

I don’t think you need energy for him. Blinded could be done with agility or influence. Since you’re using smoke bombs the items could have the property for the effect instead of coming from Batman himself.

Looks wild to me, but a fun build

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It is indeed a work in progress.
Now what would be really useful was a scale for power…

only thing I know is something that is level 9 ability is superhuman.

This actually isn’t neccessarily true.

It can be, but depends on the setting itself, and things can be relative. A 9 in a modern setting can just mean a very strong indivdual that might be able to lift up the back half of a car and drag it a bit, etc. Whereas for a superhero, it can mean lifting a semi-truck and tossing it several miles.

Scores in attributes reflect how well you can use what you have. Different characters that can mean different things. It also doesn’t mean you are super smart or have no muscles, again, just how well you use what you’ve got.

A character with 9 Agility but is clumsy (even having the flaw uncoordinated) and often trips or flails while trying to shoot things, and the luck of it causes the bullets to still manage to hit the target, or startle them, etc.

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This indeed entirely depends on the setting. In a gritty, down to earth setting a 1 in agility could be someone who’s training in their basement, while having an agility of 9 could be a world-class athlete. Nothing in the agility attribute, or for that matter in any physical attribute, is inherently supernatural or superhuman. These more fantastical elements are reserved for extraordinary attributes.

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