Website Housekeeping needed

There are three things that should be addressed with this site:

  1. the blog has not been updated since 2017, that is four years ago, and I don’t think anyone actually visits it any more, and is very confusing for new players and should be (archived and) removed.

  2. The Wiki has been in an unusable state since the beginning of the year. This makes it a dead weight, and bad visuals for new players. It should either be removed, or have a fresh install done for it, as it seems something broke very badly.

  3. The video on the front page is gone (HTTP ERROR 410: GONE). Remove the video element.

Hail and Well Met Adventurer,

Thank you for posting about these. Here’s some information on them.

  1. The blog only very recently transferred over to me from the original owner, I am still considering the best course of action with it now that I can use it.

  2. The wiki was community made and community upkept. The community member that hosts it hasn’t been able to get it working (along with me attempting to help). I do have plans to move it over, but there have been issues trying to copy/download/export the information. There are plans to install an official wiki off the main site (openlegendrpg dot com / wiki for example), but it is looking like it will have to be a fresh start.

  3. Likewise, the website has just recently been made easily updatable, and several fixes were just implemented last week with broken links, typos, and a few housekeeping things. The fact the video on the front page no longer linked was just discovered about a day ago, so this will be fixed as well.

For 1 & 2, I have been wrapping up other projects so haven’t had a chance to dive into these, especially with 1 just coming under my control in the last month.


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