Water Breathing?

Maybe I missed it somewhere but how is water breathing covered? Say you have a dragon or fish person that can breathe both air and water. Is this a feat? Should it just be assumed if they take the Swimming feat?

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I would probably cover it with a perk, personally. That said, I don’t see any reason that the feat couldn’t be assumed to grant water breathing if it makes sense for the character.

Let me clarify my response. Open Legend tries to avoid having a predefined rule for every possible scenario. As a result, there are many times when a GM needs to make a call.

Personally, I’ve never run a campaign where water breathing would be a consistent, regular advantage. In my mind, it’s more about story. You can therefore create a perk (call it Water Breathing) that allows that character to breathe underwater.

If your campaign is, for example, primarily focused on nautical exploration, breathing water could be a real advantage. If that means you don’t think it should be free, I think it is reasonable to assume that a character with an appropriate background and the Swimming feat can also breathe underwater.


you can also do any number of attribute rolls to grant this. The GM would determine a CR for this based on enviroment, character background, and any other factors in the particular setting you are playing.

Roll Alteration, target CR 20, the invoker is able to alter their lungs to breath water, making gills on the side of their necks

Roll Movement, target CR 25, the invoker is able to move the Oxygen from the water into their lungs

Roll Creation, target CR 20, the invoker is able to create oxygen in their lungs, or maybe an air bubble around their head.

And creativity can discover other ways to use different attributes and character stories to achieve this.