War of Nations One-Shot Test

I am running a magitech themed one-shot this Saturday starting anywhere from 10am CST and on up to 6pm CST and will run anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on how it goes. This is testing for my setting to become a possible full blown west-marches campaign. Essentially, it is a modern themed campaign, but magick has been revived from the ancient times. Technological and magical nations have experimented on humans creating different races and mutants with special powers as well. Set one century after WW3 and the remains of each nation formed a new identity from the ashes of the war. You start in the nation of Imperion, which is the Christian Constitutional Monarchy that formed from the ashes of the United States as it wars with the Magic-centered Magiocracy nation of Magincia that arose from the ashes of Asia. This war began as the Mad King of Magincia despised Imperion’s laws against practicing magic and had some past spouts with the Kind King of Imperion. PM me for the other rules and details and for an invite. You start at level 1 like normal because the highest level of current testers is at 2 and it should be ok for beginners as well. If you wish to use magic you must be able to disguise and hide it somehow or you will be arrested or fined a sum of money. Themes are Tech/Divine/Magic and Mutant powers are available to those who want powers, but do not wish to hide magic or be a holy warrior.

Must have Discord and we play on Roll20. Mic is required, but we do not do video normally.

Will be running an OL one-shot this Saturday starting anytime after 10am cst. Using above theme.

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Wish I was in country for this, looks pretty good, would recommend others give it a go.