Vector Format of the Logo

Is there a vector version of the logo available for people to use?

Had some people who were planning on making material for future Open Legend RPG products that were wondering.

An SVG specifically in this case.

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I am prepared to advocate the benefits of providing one or more SVG versions of the logo and volunteer my time to the enterprise.

@Great_Moustache @GartLarissa it was not my intention to give out an SVG because that opens up the door for unique stylizations that don’t match the Open Legend design / branding guidelines.

I guess I can create a monochrome logo in many hues to match different potential color schemes of the cover for a given product.

In the meantime, here are the officially permitted logos:

@brianfeister your concerns regarding dilution via permutation are valid and prudent. Along that line of thinking I argue that if/once OL gets momentum, there will be a need for line-art versions of the logo. Providing “sanctioned” line-art versions up front will reduce the number of DIY versions down the road.

So yeah, something that can be considered in the future. But in the meantime, here are the officially permitted logos: