Valkyrie character

one of my players is thinking about running a Valkyrie in an upcoming gaming. She wants a Pegasus, but wants to be able to summon it. She wants to use it as a mount to fly with mostly for out of combat use. I think I’m going to make it a companion feat and not a use of the summon boon. Any thoughts?

I think either way can work. You can treat it as a mount/item as well that is just pulled out when used.

Companion would make it so she can have combat use with it and not be unbalanced for the other players.

Could make it a “toy pegasus” item, that turns into a pegasus that then can fly her. Treat it as an item like in the examples “Jet Pack”, and that way, since only out of combat, don’t have to track health or things like that, but make it clear the pegasus can’t do stuff like stomp down a door, or attack anything. If they want that, then they should go companion route.

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Thanks for the feed back. I’m pretty sure we arn’t going to go the item way. but all good idea’s none the less.

I must say having the Pegasus as a companion sounds like the more attractive way because it makes it so the mount have its own actions. If it’s only for the ability to fly the flying feat could do that aswell.

Just to be a nerd I would also point out that Pegasus is a Greek mythology thing and the classic Norse Valkyrie did not have winged horses, but the could however ride both the sky and under the sea. As is tradition, don’t let me ruin a character consept just by my logic and assumptions :wink:

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You just caused me to take a Wiki walk. I learned a bunch about both Valkyries and Pegasus, who was a singular being and not a race. I’ll still let it up to the player if she wants a Pegasus or even wings as many of the art and statues have them with wings.