Using the Shapeshift boon to imitate extraordinary attributes?

As it is written, the Shapeshift boon only allows you to gain physical attributes less than or equal to your Alteration score until power level 7, at which point you can gain all of a creature’s extraordinary attributes (and potentially increase your Alteration). Do you think a variation of the boon that allowed you use power level 2+ to gain one extraordinary attribute (or perhaps just a specific bane/boon/attack) at the level of your Alteration score would be balanced? I’m thinking about how one could essentially recreate Final Fantasy’s blue magic, which allows the user to cast spells they see enemies use.

Shapeshift does not allow this, you can never go higher than your Alteration score in any attribute.

There has been quite a bit of talk on how to do Blue Mage from FF. A lot of said to either just wait to assign points until you see things from mobs, or to not use banes/boons until you see them.

Either way it is something that would take a lot of discussion with the GM beforehand so they can help you set it up. Swing by the discord and I’m sure some people can give you more input, I’m in the middle of traveling today or I might give more.

Another way to go would be alternate form.

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Thanks for pointing me to the discord. Looks like the Boon Access idea would do the trick.

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