Using Resistance Boon

Can I invoke Resistance Boon on a target more than once? If I want to give the target resistance to more than one defense, for example, with one action I give resistance to guard defense, ant with another action (next turn or with multiaction feat) I give resistance to the same target to toughness. Is it possible or can resistance be given to a target only to one of the defenses?

No, a character cannot benefit from more than one instance of the same Boon. In Chapter 3: Banes and Boons it says the following:

While targets may be affected by different boons, you may not stack the same boon multiple times; if a second invocation of a boon would affect a character, they choose which boon to keep and which one to negate.

You also seem to have misunderstood what Resistance does. It doesn’t increase one Defence against all damage, it increases all defences against one type of damage:

When the boon is invoked, the invoker chooses one type of attack and the target gains resistance to that type. The types include precise, forceful, fire, cold, lightning, acid, influence, and entropy (other types may be approved by the GM).

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Yes u r right i misanderstood it. Thanks for clarifying :). However, i wouldn’t say it stacks, cause the resistance would be given to different types of attack. For example resistance against precise attack and resistance against fire. What do u think?

It’s still the same boon, and therefore subject to the same rules. The GM can of course allow that if they choose, but going strictly by the rules that is not allowed.

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Hmm, i think stacking is for example - i invoke resitance against fire and gain + 3 def against it, with my next action (and superior concentration) i invoke it again against fire and gain another +3 defense against this exact same type of attack. This is stacking i think. You might be right but I wonder what the creator of the rules meant by it.

The rules are pretty clear: Resistance is the boon, and boons cannot stack. The damage type is the effect of the boon and so is never considered when applying that rule. If it makes sense to you though, you can allow it in your games (assuming you are the GM).