Useful tool for monster statblocks

Check out the quick stat block I put together for the Monkey Bats from A Star Once Fallen. I am using the wonderful online tool from NaturalCrit to format the statblock:

Monkey Bat at Homebrewery

The wonderful thing is, this site uses a very very similar markdown language to what open legend uses. I might start up a Git repository on github to collect individual monster statblocks for easy access. Could be used as a stopgap measure for a monster manual until the official one is released.


That’s pretty clean looking. Maybe you could write up an instructional take on how to use it for the less tech savvy? We al know not every gamer is a programmer, regardless of stereotypes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could work on a proposed template, but for the time being, if you click “Source” in the top right, you will see the code used to generate that statblock. Should be pretty easy to hack and replace keywords and attacks.

Additionally, when editing the markdown you can click the “PHB” dropdown and select “Monster Stat Block” to get a D&D 5e template with slightly more fields shown as examples.

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This is a really cool tool @honeybadger, I wonder if they could do custom CSS to imitate the Open Legend visual style instead of 5e. Either way it’s great though!

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I am sure its technically possible. I think its even possible to inject your own CSS at the top of the source file. I am not nearly savy enough to do that, but I have seen other home brews alter the CSS slightly with “magic”.

Might be worth reaching out to them, the markdown is very very common to OpenLegend source code.

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something like this?