Updates on open legend physical stuff?

I don’t know where else I would post something like this.

I was jut wondering if there was an update on the physical stuff for open legends. I know about the personal issues he was going though. But I also don’y stay in the loop.

Me and my friends play this every week and I have at least 3 people chomping at the bit asking where they can buy a book. I just keep telling them its not out yet.

I would also like to hear an update about the smaller items. The banes and boons deck. and the GM screen.

They can buy the books right now. The Backerkit is still open.

Ryan, the Narrative Director, mentioned on HyperRPG while he was a guest on The Guantlet that the books should be out in November.

This isn’t official, just my guessing here, but that means the PDFs are planned to be done mid-September, as the printer usually takes 4-6 weeks to turn around.

I do know the Alpha PDF of the campaign setting is nearly finished, so we might be seeing that in the next week, which gives about 2 weeks for edits/typos on the alpha before submitted to printer.

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Thats some great info. My friends don’t really pre order anything. Still wondering about the cards and gm screen.