Updated Printable Character Sheet (neutral style)

I uploaded a previous version of this character sheet a while ago and got plenty of notes to help improve it. I present to you now a revised version of the sheet. I hope people enjoy it.

Open Legend Printable Character Sheet 13 Draft5.pdf (103.7 KB)

I designed this Character sheet to be both setting neutral, and Noob friendly. Here are some of the features that I decided to include in order to do so:

Page 1: Character Stats
• Attributes and defenses have been given secondary identifiers (a-z). players can save space by using these when writing out their action mechanics if they choose.

• Extra attribute slots for home-brew attributes.

•Extra space for Languages. I’m not aware of any language rules in Open Legend, so t tend to use percentile rules.

• The Math for determining Guard, Toughness, Defense, and Max HP is all shown below each slot, (including space for extra Variables).

• A box dedicated to Death Saves, in case it is preferred. this space can also be written over and used for keeping track of other values.

• Small boxes for smaller values including homebrew values such as Size and Weight. The ‘Wealth level’ section has enough space to be recorder in dollar amounts if you so choose.

• The ‘Applied Banes’ and 'Applied Boons’ sections are blank rectangles so that players who use Cards or Tokens to keep track of their boons can use the space. And for thoughs that choose to write in their Banes and Boons, the open space lets the writing stand out better to remind them of each status effect. I included a small section to keep track of resist attempts as well.

•The lower left corner of the sheet has a small blank space for anything the player might like.

Page 2: Turn Sheet
• List of all the options available for Major, Minor, Move, Interrupt, and Focus actions as well as short descriptions for most, to clarify how the option might be used, or success calculated.

• Helpful tables for the different attack actions.

• Ample space to describe the Free ‘Actions available’ to your character.

• The bottom right of the page has a large space that can be used for any number if things, form describing favored actions, to a list of Weapons and tools, or anything else

Previous iterations came with a third page for inventory management, but the players can just as well make a list on notebook paper. likewise, I assume that higher level characters will require entire pages dedicated to describing Favored actions as well as Boon and Bane Invocations. So I encourage you to format such thing however you see fit.

Both pages have space to wright in the Player Name, Character Name, Archetype, And level, so that you don’t accidentally swap in pages from another character or an older, lower level version of the same character. I’m very sorry it can’t be filled in digitally, I just don’t have the ability to do that. I hope someone finds it useful, regardless.


Very simple and clean. I like the minimalistic design!

you might have long jump in correct there. Not sure b/c of the typo.

Says “Runnup” which I guess is run up… as in running start, maybe… but that’s not how it works.

If you base speed is beyond 30’ (the default, and so either via haste or fleet of foot feat), for every 10’ past 30’ your movement speed is (40’ Speed = 1, 50’ Speed = 2, 60’ Speed = 3) you get the advantage.

So not having more run up distance before the jump, but your actually physical Speed.

You can move up to 10’ for free as a running start before jumping. If you do, you get advantage 1 for every 10’ by which your speed exceeds 30’.

up to 10’ running start, so no more than that.

Yes. I should have known there would be a typo I missed…

I see where I must have misunderstood things. I had the idea that the turn during which your character jumps, part of the Long jump action includes the 10’ of run up, so I thought that it meant spending the turn before that to take a longer run up was what awarded you the advantage.

So what it actually means is that the faster your character is, the more helpful the 10’ run up is at getting you over the obstacle. Do I have that correct this time? anything else I missed?

That is correct, the faster they are, the more benefit the 10’ run up has.

I don’t think so, but I did a quick pass and the typo is what caught my attention.

Great! I appreciate the help. I’ve edited the post with the fixed document.