Typos/Errors in Final PDF


I have been making character sheets as PreGens for my players, and have been picking out a lot of example characters in the final core rules pdf/website. I noticed that there are quite a few errors in the final print and was curious if those were errors that will be coming in the print version of the rules once those finally get shipped out.

More specifically, the errors I’ve recently found are on the Gunslinger example archetype: the character concept needs fortitude to use heavy trench coat (kevlar vest), but he has no fortitude listed. Fortitude is factored into the defensive stats listed but the stat was not given adequate points (or any, for that matter).

In order to have the stats that are listed for defense, the character would need all that is listed as well as 3 Fortitude, resulting in more than 40 points being used to build the character at level 1. This means the character either ditches 6 points of attributes elsewhere in order to get his fortitude up, or he needs to pick different armor and lower the defensive stats in order to work.

Oops! We should have caught that before. I fear it’s a bit too late for the printed copies.

Indeed, there are some other errors in there, so be careful if you plan to use them as pregenerated characters or something along those lines.