Trying to find a group in Georgia

Really need to find a group to play with in the Athens/Commerce area. I wouldn’t mind GMing or being a player, either suits me. Oh, and seeing as this is my first time posting on here, let me know if I can’t put ‘Specific Locations’. SARCASM INTENSIFIES

Crap, forgot to expand my criteria. Im alright with any age attending, (If I GM) and any # of players. But like I said, I really need the group to be within about an hours drive of commerce Georgia. I would prefer to meet at a gameshop, such as Meeple Madness.

Specific locations are fine. Most people here are looking for online games, because while we have a very active community we’re also all spread out across the world, but there’s nothing wrong with looking for an in-person game. Best of luck!

Oh, and I should point out, I am new, but have been studying it in my free time and I have a rather good understanding of the mechanics, and how it plays. Admins, I reiterate, feel free to strike me down if I violate any rules, or Give any tips.

Oh, didnt realise an admin had acknowledged my existence yet. Thanks!

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