Trello boards for Open Legend

Hey people.

I’ve recently learned about Trello boards and how to use them for planning and running RPG’s.

Just to practice a bit and make something that I could use at the table, I decided to list all the OL attributes on one such board. Try clicking each “card” on the lists. I included all the text descriptions from the OL website on the cards.

I’d love it if this thread could become a collaboration between all of us, to create and share similar boards, so any GM could snatch these boards for ease of use at the table.


think you have a private board there, so other’s can’t view it. Unless you need an account to view boards, which I don’t have at the moment.

I have an account and I can’t acces the board

Thanks for noticing that. Quite important to know how to change a board from private to public =)

Try using the link now, it should work.

This is great and super useful for quick reference! I was actually thinking of using Trello for keeping track of campaign/encounter information for running games, but using it for general reference is also a great idea.

Any thoughts on other general purpose boards that would be useful?

I had thought of making one for banes, one for boons and one for feats, you know, to cover almost everything that was needed for quick reference. This way you could also copy cards and drag them onto a special board for your players (consider havign a list for each player, and all the rules for that character on that list, with additional notes that only pertains to that character).

But that would be a HUGE endeavor, and I don’t think I’d want to do all that on my own, especially because you could just as easily make a card with a hyperlink to each of the respective categories. I’m considering scratching the first board I made, and then do a “GM screen” board, with hyperlinks to the rules, and then lists and cards for characters, locations, NPC’s and such. Still a huge endeavor, but it might be a more useful way to use my time.


So Heromuster does do all of that. AND it reads the information from the website directly, so it is always up-to-date with the website.

If a player has all the information entered for their character, they can click “view boons” or “view banes” or even “view feats” and it will only show the boons/banes/feats that they have access to based on their attribute scores.

Not sure if you were aware of that already or not.

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I was somewhat aware of heromusters features. I use it extensively to create characters. The use for the Trello boards was mostly to have a place to put all my GM notes and such, while i also got the player and game info at hand, within roughly the same workspace. I might just be overthinking it (again) and trying to make the info browsing easier (even though it might already be easy enough). It might be my need to tinker with these things that keeps making me work on unneccesary projects. Who knows =P

Anyhow, I’d still use the Trello boards for GM purposes (notes, locations, NPC’s), and then keep the rules references and such in a secondary window.

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