Tips/interest for help with visual aides for a campaign?

I am working on a post-apocalyptic, near future, maybe a little cyber-punky (human augmentation and some supernatural powers) campaign and I have tons of ideas for locations and characters and very little ability to produce visually appealing versions. I’m more of an idea guy/writer than an artist, though I know enough to be dangerous. Are there communities (or members of this community) where you could find artists that might be interested in collaborating on some of those ideas? I am not opposed to releasing anything we create to share with the community.

Just thought I’d ask!

Some of the things I’d love some help with:

  • A dilapidated underground silo/lab map with multiple levels
  • A ruined subway station
  • overall world maps
  • Various character portraits, with cybernetic augmentations, powers, etc

If you’re running it online… bit harder (since the expectation is that the maps are grid accurate).

If in person, you could also start with something like the CC-A maps from Dyson and alter them. That’s what I’ve done since the maps will be part of a free campaign giveaway (his non-commercial maps are free to use only for personal use and don’t have a CC license).

I’m not an artist either so I use a lot of words to describe the space rather than the core graphics to do it.