Time in a Bottle (Work in Progress)

Here’s an unexpectedly complicated item i’ve been working on recently. Who knew messing with time is a hard thing to do? :smile:

The item is unfinished ATM, i want to give it an out of combat funtionality (which i am working on) and a resource system to limit its abilities without making it Consumable, but i’ve had a hard time wrapping my head around that.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback given, specially on grammar and any better wording suggestions for the item’s current effect(s).


Cool Idea I had some thoughts on a resource system.

Could make it so it has markings on it to show it’s “fill level”, and have effects cost a certain amount of liquid poured from it.

The device distills the liquid from consuming the air around it but does so at a rate of (time period per fill level).

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Open legend is, by design, not big on resource management. Although I would agree it’s required for this item, I would suggest keeping it pretty simple. X number of uses per session, game day, whatever. That way you don’t have to track how much it has refilled. Obviously leave room for GM discretion if it is dramatically appropriate to have it recharge faster for some in-game reason.


I am aware OL doesn’t like bookeeping very much, that’s why i’ve had such a hard time something up with something simple that that i can work into the item’s out of combat funtionality. “Resource” was just a word i threw in there loosely because the item itself is a resource already :slight_smile: