The story of a Bunny and a Wrecking Ball

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I’ll probably at the very least finish this “Stage 0” part, but if people seem interested, I might continue on with adventures, based on Open Legend =P


##Chapter 1
###Bunny: A Beginning
Felicity was always a happy and curious child from the moment she was born. Samuel and Elizabeth were a strong and industrious couple within their small community, and looked up to by many. The clanging of metal within the blacksmith shop of her father often brought joyful noises from the young baby when she wasn’t watching her mother grind herbs to make various medicines.

The young girl’s eagerness to learn and figure things out was noted by many, especially how quickly she started to walk and talk, faster than any child they’d ever seen. There were a few occasions when the village would notice her babbling or talking to herself, but they always figured it was just a child playing. By the age of 3, Felicity was easily fixing, repairing, and in some cases, building toys she or the other children would play with. She made friends with everyone, within the first few moments of meeting them. This happened whether they wanted it to or not, as Felicity would make up her mind on the matter.

Everyone remembers the day the young girl met a rabbit. The day hadn’t ended before her father and mother hastily constructed a headband for Felicity with bunny ears extending up off of them. Smiles would be seen on even old grouch Manny as Felicity would hop through the streets, her bunny ears bouncing back and forth. Smiles, however, would not last long.

The day the gooblens raided the village was one that marked the town forever. Driven from the mountains by the duke’s guards protecting the forestry, the creatures ended up swarming down through the village. Angered, hungry, and greedy, the gooblens entered houses and fields looting and killing. Some of the village was able to band together to help fight them off, but not before many losses. Crops were stolen, destroyed, burned, or trampled. Some houses were burned down, and shops missing much of their stock.

The people of Valleyforge were regrouping after the swarm passed through, most likely moving on to the next forest, mountain, or village. It started out small, but people noticed one of their strongest wasn’t among them. Samuel couldn’t be found, and it wasn’t long before many were running to the blacksmith. There were signs of struggle outside: a gooblen cut in twain, several with gaping holes from what appeared to be a spear, Samuel’s weapon of choice, and the broken down door of the house.

A few of the elders managed to stop others from going in the house, two of them entering first to see what had happened. The worry and concern was evident on the faces of the crowd. Silence was among them, not even wanting to discuss the possible fate of those inside. After what seemed far too long for those waiting, the elders emerged from the house. In the arms of Gertrude was the body of Felicity. “She is alive,” her grandmotherly voice assuring the crowd for a moment. Then Harold spoke next to her, “It seems Elizabeth kept them back as long as she could, and Samuel died killing the last of them, saving Felicity here.”

The village was devastated, and not because they lacked a blacksmith and a herbalist, but because of poor Felicity. They wondered just how she would react now. Would there be the same cheerful Felicity? The village would be quick to take up caring for her, making sure she had what she needed.

Felicity would remain asleep for two full days, further worrying the village until her eyes opened. She soon learned of what happened to her parents, and the village. There wasn’t much time that passed until she was helping out around the town, that same smile still upon her face, and of course, that hair band always upon her head. She helped brighten the town, and seemed mostly unchanged by what happened. Felicity had cried at the burial, but after that, people were sure they never saw her cry. Some of the more observant of the village noticed she no longer seemed to talk to herself, but that was probably due to her growing older, and the tragedy.

A visitor came through town, and upon seeing Felicity, ended up calling her Felicity the Bunny. The name quickly stuck. Her curiosity was as strong as ever, as well as her desire to learn and figure things out. When she had grown older, a new blacksmith had come to the village, and she was quick to become an apprentice to him. The village wasn’t surprised by how quickly she learned, though some by her ability to do the tasks even though she wasn’t as physically strong. She seemed to focus the most on making spears, a remembrance of her father.

By the time she was in her teens, she had quite a few lucky run-ins with merchants, soldiers, and sellswords. Selling many of her creations, and building up a bit of wealth for herself as she worked away at her homestead, re-using the same tools her father had. While the village marveled at her luck and artisanship, they figured it was due to how active her brain was at figuring things out. That was true, Felicity had quite the capabilities at using logic and reasoning, but there was something she had never shared with anyone.

After waking up, so long ago, she found there was something else she could do. Create. And not just like she had before, there was this energy, or force, that seemed to flow through her body. Even discovering she could heal animals that were hurt, and help restore people’s energy and stamina in town. They all figured it was just her cheery disposition, but she knew it was this force in her body. With this energy came something else though. Something not as happy, that seemed to be able to drain more than create. Mostly keeping it hidden away, she was always aware of this strange entropic force that was also inside of her.

Fin Chapter 1

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##Chapter 2
###Wrecking Ball: A Beginning
Helga was born during a very strange arcane storm. Two behemoth warriors, one from the Darkness tribe and the other from the Red Sun tribe, had been engaged in a massive fight. Twenty feet tall mounds of muscle smashing their fists into each other’s ebony and lavender skin. The raw energy from the fight continued to build up throughout the days, leading up to the final blows. A fist connecting each to the other, and a massive unleashing of arcane energy as both behemoths were unmade. The storm blowing across this desolate plane of existence.

In another plane, a new life had come into its own existence, and caused a spark of life in a remote location right as the storm passed over. The raw energies mixed and mingled together before passing on. Out of the red sands arouse a towering figure. Not quite a behemoth, but easily reaching ten feet tall, the red skinned female opened her eyes. Nameless, she started to wander this plane of existence, a small spark in her mind, connected to a bundle of cheer and joy she couldn’t understand.

This red skinned female was an oddity even in this place. She learned it was called the Red Sands of Desolation, a plane closely connected to another full of fire and heat. Females of her race were never as big as her, usually only reaching six feet at the most. Often called the Ralicord, she was more on par with the males in strength and size. Though most Ralicord excelled in areas of energy and entropic forces, this oddity seemed to have a third eye. Able to see things before they happened as well as seeing things for what they truly were. The forces of creation and entropy seemed to swirl within her, though she rarely focused on them.

She received many challenges, and fought against them all. Growing in strength and prowess as she went. After a few years, she would soon start to call herself Helga. The inhabitants of the Red Sands of Desolation begun to call her the Wrecking Ball. Helga would spend time sitting and talking in a language none of them knew to seemingly no one. They suspected this is where the name Helga came from.

Helga, through her prescience, could speak many languages and she quickly adapted to talk with someone from a very strange plane. She enjoyed learning all about it, and the animals called bunnies seemed so cute and so different from anything she came across here. Learning about friendship and family, Helga grew more interested in this place, wishing to visit it, wanting to meet her very good friend.

Then a horrible day came. Her friend was scared and sad. Something Helga had never seen in this other person. This angered her, and she saw what was happening. The female, called mother, was trying to swing and keep away small creatures with short shiny things called swords. Then she saw the male, called father, jump in through the door holding a long thin thing called a spear. The small creatures were too many, and Helga stood up quickly when she saw the father fall to one as it jumped from above. Her dear friend was hiding behind the mother, and she saw the small things charging with smiles that were not good, no where near to the one her friend usually had.

Helga reached her hand out, wanting to stop them from charging. Suddenly she was in blackness all around her. Looking, but not seeing, she focused on her friend, and in a moment she was out of the darkness. Several pains pricked against her legs, and when she looked down, she saw the small creatures. The mother was there too, laying on her back, looking up at Helga, the life draining from her eyes. Looking behind her, she saw her friend, lying there, unmoving.

Helga turned her look up the creatures that had backed up some, then she did what she knew all too well. She took up the challenge and destroyed everyone of the creatures that were still standing. She tore some of them brutally in half, and others she crushed. Once they were all taken care of, she turned again to her friend, kneeling down and touching her. Calming down as she realized the girl was still alive, smiling that she was able to help.

There was a strange pain shooting along her body though. This plane of existence was hard to move in now. Hurting and causing her to shudder. Reaching out, she lightly tapped against the bunny ears, “Bunny!” Just as the words left her lips, she felt as if her body was pulled in on itself and she blipped out of existence.

Blinking, she looked around herself, seeing nothing but the darkness around her. She could still sense her friend, but there was something different. After much time had based, Helga realized a few things had happened. The creation and entropy energies that had been inside of her were gone, and in her friend now. She also wasn’t able to reach her friend like before, and the red skinned female quickly started to miss the conversations they once had.

Harnessing her powers and strength, she was eventually able to return to the Red Sands of Desolation. She would continue to fight and improve her skills, though she would often return to that strange darkness, peering in on her friend, and watching her grow bigger and more skilled. She smiled at the weapons, amazed that such a smaller creature would be able to make things that were so interesting to her.

Soon Helga was spending more time in the darkness than where she was born, only returning for sustenance and to test her strength. In a rare dream, Helga saw a future where she would be talking with her friend once more, and started to long for it, waiting for the day that opening would come once more.

Fin Chapter 2