The Step Up Feat, keep your friends close and your enemies closer

I was thinking of Opportunity Attacks, and how they are handled in other systems. That reminded me of an interesting little Feat in Pathfinder called Step Up, which allows you to pursue Opponents that attempt to escape your Reach.
I thought I’d try to make something similar in Open Legend and after bringing it up on the Discord server, I decided to go for something simple:

Step Up

Cost: 1 Point

Prerequisites: Agility 4 or Might 4

Description: Enemies have a hard time taking their distance from you, whether that is because you’re particularly fast, have expert footwork or a quality that allows you to partly get teleported along.

Effect: Whenever an enemy moves out of your Reach, you may follow them up to half your Speed as a Minor Action that can be taken outside your Turn. This movement provokes Opportunity Attacks as normal.

With this, the Movement gained from Defend Interrupt Action loses some strength and normal movement and/or Evasive Footwok is less effective, though can still achieve the goal of leaving one’s Reach.
The movement would take place after an Attack and the enemy’s movement, so there’s no additional Opportunity Attack to be had, at least not how it is now.
Unless the enemy Defends against an Opportunity Attack, moves away, you Step Up, the enemy moves away again and you also have Battlefield Opportunist, that is.

Maybe there could be multiple Tiers to this Feat which allow for moving multiple times a Round, similar to how Battlefield Opportunist works. It shouldn’t work multiple times on the same movement though.

I changed “10 feet” to “half your Speed”, since part of the intent was to match with the movement gained from the Defend Interrupt Action. It seems I had misremembered that.


this part is confusing, mainly b/c there is no mention of attacks at all in the above Effect.

So a person can only follow someone if they have done an Attack and then are moving? Why does the attack trigger the ability to follow, but if they just move normally you can’t follow?

Perhaps this part just needs to be more clear, especially since there is no reflection of this in the above feat.

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If someone moves out of your Reach, they normally provoke an Opportunity Attack or just Defended against one of your Attacks and use the Movement from the Defend Interrupt Action.
What I meant was that the Step Up movement takes place after they move and any Opportunity Attack gets resolved, if there was one. It was just meant to clear up whether this would mean that if the target moves more than half your Speed, it doesn’t leave your Reach twice or anything, but I can see how I wrote that confusingly.

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Why not add Movement as a prerequisite as well?

The Prerequisites are based on the Battlefield Opportunist Feat, which lists only Agility and Might. But sure, Movement makes sense too.

Welcome to the community by the way! :slightly_smiling_face: