The Skalgrims Bosses

Ok, so for my two player campaign I made two bosses. Depending on what they want to do they could fight one or both either separate or together. I want my husband, wife bosses to work really well together in combat and out of combat. Bran is the honesty, warfare and brawn and even though he is smart, Arianna is the political intrigue, deception and magic side of things.

So what do you think? Would they work well together? Apart? For only two players? Thanks in advance for the feedback?

Just glancing at it (because I’m on my phone) they seem very strong together or even alone against just two players. What level are the players?

Their HP and Defenses might need tweaking upwards and the Boss Edge should be 2 at Level 3 if they remain Bosses of that Level, however I would not recommend doing that.
Instead I would actually bring them down a level or two due to the sheer Action Advantage. Together they would get 6 Major Actions at Boss Edge 2 each compared to the 2 the players get, which is far too high.

Did you consult the Boss NPC Build table in Chapter 8? It is a great thing to look at when building Bosses, a Complex Build Boss should still be adjusted to be close to the values given there. The chapter also gives advice on combat balancing.

As for my personal advice, if they are encountered on their own, they can work well as Bosses. I recommend just making them regular Complex Build NPCs though, they will still have a major impact even if they don’t use Boss rules.

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Hmm… you’re right, they really shouldn’t use the boss rules and I should definitely lower the level! I leveled them after another boss I made for around the same time in the campaign but forgot I had a whole dungeon infront of that boss and they won’t be leveled there yet. Thanks so much for the feedback!