The Release of the setting Duermar: Descend into Madness is upon us!

Hey everyone,

it’s finally here! After months of hard work, great input & essential contributions from our lovely community, I proudly present to you the first 3rd party setting for Open Legend: Duermar - Descend into Madness!

In this fantasy-horror setting inhabited by Gnomes & Humans, you’ll find a region ravaged by a mysterious plague, called the Corruption. This Corruption has caused many of the citizens of Duermar to go either insane, lose control over their magic, or has transformed people into horrors.

The setting comes in two pieces: A Player’s Guide & a GM’s Guide. Both can be found here:

These two documents contain the following features for you to play or GM a campaign in Duermar:

  • Custom Rules for a Sanity Score & Insanity
  • Custom Rules for Wild Magic
  • Custom Rules involuntary transformations
  • Custom Feats for each of these new mechanics
  • Over 30 adventuring ideas & plot hooks to create campaigns around
  • Over 20 different statblocks of monsters & NPCs from the region of Duermar
  • And much more!

Go check it out!


This looks super cool. Cant wait to grab this once I have a bit a free cash floating.

Wish there was a print on demand version though. for both the players and the dm books.

It’s not really in my area of expertise, so I wasn’t comfortable to offer that option and the demand isn’t all that present anyway.