The man of the Hour, Don Johnson

Don Johnson was once your regular ol’ Ex-boxer salesman of the 1940’s, when due to an unpredictable series of events, including but not limited to being teleported to the parallel dimension of the Elements (where the city of Peakstrunk stands as a testament to steampunk and complex scientific ways of getting things done), turning into a robot, and going rubberhose, he was turned into a rubberhose boxing robot. Main abilities include clobberin, stunnin’ and his knockout leavin’ em out cold. The main question I have is can one use alteration as a way to represent how in a somewhat animated style, he can stretch his limbs and catch, clobber, or sell something at a distance?

Sell something at a distance doesn’t make sense, as the act of selling usually requires interaction, but the others, sure, you could describe it that way.

You could also do this via movement.

There are usually multiple was to go about something, especially since it comes down to the flavor/fluff you use to describe the effects of the various boons and banes and attributes.

Attribute sub alteration into agility or might can be good to represent boxing at the distance as well with stretched limbs.

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When he sells at a distance, I like to imagine he stretches his hand out with the product and then stretches his head over to describe and sell it