The Hellfire Worm

This idea started out as a simple play on words, but I kind of like it for a low-level swarm encounter.

Hellfire Worm (Level 1)

The scent of fresh rain and brimstone heralds the arrival of the hellfire worm. A foot long, and colored with reds and oranges that shift like coals, this is no ordinary earth worm.
Attributes: Energy 3
Defenses (vs Fire): Toughness 10 (16), Guard 10 (16), Resolve 10 (16)
HP: 1
Speed: 5’ Crawling, 10’ Burrowing
Size: Tiny
Favored Actions:

  • Hellish Blaze - Energy (1d20 + 1d8 Fire) vs. Guard (triggers Persistent Damage (1d4 Fire) on 1 damage or more

Feats: Superior Bane Focus (Persistent Damage), Energy Resistance II (Fire)
Strategy: Attack in groups, burrow underground when frightened

Edit: applied @Great_Moustache’s excellent suggestion for listing energy resistance defenses with the defenses section.


I would add the energy resistance II (fire) part up with the Defenses so you can make sure to not forget when referencing

Defenses (vs Fire): Toughness 10 (16), Guard 10 (16), Resolve 10 (16)

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Good call. I’ve made the change.

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Maybe also add a constrict attack (I know it’s only a foot long so maybe not) that would use might v. guard

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This was primarily created as a joke (I like the Hellfire Wyrm from d&d). However, if I ever use it in a real game there may be higher level versions at larger sizes. Constrict would be a good idea in that case.

I am actually new to DnD as of fifth edition so I didn’t get the reference, but now it makes more sense.

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