The Fatigue bane in practice, bit OP?

Hello people!
I’ve been playing around with some character creation and hope to, some glorious day, actually play a game.
But more to the point, I started discussing the fatigue bane with my brother, and it seems quite op to us (we say this without actually having put it into practice yet). Combined with an aura that’d be a possible 2 levels of fatigue per turn. And since you lose all of your defence bonuses after 4 levels of fatigue, that last level that knocks you out will come quite easily .
And considering that fatigue is only a 5th lvl bane, you can do all of this from the very beginning.

Have any of you experienced this boon to be op in-game? Or is this all much less deadly than it looks?

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Fatigue can be a really strong tool, but more so for GMs than for players, in my experience or until player characters reach high levels.
Just to clarify though, the combo you proposed wouldn’t work, as aura has the following restriction:

Choose a single bane or boon which uses the same attribute that you used to invoke Aura. The maximum power level for the chosen bane or boon is one-half the power level of your aura.

Meaning that Aura can never radiate a boon or bane above power level 4, by RAW.


Like @VanGo said, it really isn’t a problem in game. Most battles don’t last long enough for you to stack enough fatigue on.

Then, not only do you have to successfully land the fatigue bane, but then if you do, someone can always do a defend interrupt. And once it’s realized what you are doing, they can go after you/focus on you.

compared to all the other things you can be doing to take a target down, Fatigue isn’t that great, and then a GM can always make a creature/NPC immune to fatigue. If you put everything into making it so that fatigue works, then you don’t have much else at that point.

There have been a few builds out there (1 I did myself) that focused on it, more as a thought experiment than anything else. It makes an interesting enemy for the PCs to have to deal with in a fight.


Awesome, thank you for your help!
I still remain wary of fatigue, but I’m assured my brother won’t abused it in a PvP arena battle :slight_smile:

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The system does not lend itself well to 1v1 PVP battles as there are a few broken bane combos that if pulled correctly can end a PC in a single turn at high levels. sorry to revive an old thread, just wanted to put that out there lol.

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Thanks for the warning!
I quite like a sort of gladiator-style arena battle as a way to familiarize myself with the combat mechanics.
But, yeah, like you said, I do imagine that high-level 1v1 battles could be over quickly with the right build, I’ll make sure to stay away from that

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You can do PVP battles if you like, of course, just keep in mind that the system isn’t balanced around that. In particular, dice explosions can lead to a fight being over in a single roll regardless of how the characters are built. It can still be a lot of fun, just don’t get the impression that it’s in any way representative of how the game is intended to be played. Enjoy!

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In any RPG, if a player is using only 1 tool, the GM will start countering to get the player to try new ideas.

Too much murder-hobo’ing? Offer bigger rewards for socializing.

Using Fatigue/Blinded/Fear too much? Undead rise up!

When my summoner gets to lv5, all of her summons will be able to cast fatigue With adv 1.
At Lv5 she will also be able to have 7 of them on the table :slight_smile:
I think that you could make builds that focus around fatigue that work very well,
But expect that your Dm will throw monsters that are immune to it when you make a build like that.

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However, your character needs a stellar roll… At PL 7, the CR is 24. If you try to create 7 creatures, you get disadvantage 14. This might be counteracted by boon focus or mult-target boon focus feats, but you need to put all your feat points into it in order to gain a reduction of 12, so no ferocious minions. Chances are not the best.

If you are content with 5 minions, though, you could forego boon focus II or multi-target boon focus IX & VIII and instead take multi-target boon expert, where you would have automatic success of creating 5 minions at PL 7. In this case you even have enough feat points left for ferocious minions.

5 levels of fatigue take a normal character out of combat directly. However, if said character has the indomitable endurance feat, maybe even at tier V, fatigue will have no effect. So, chances are that the GM will throw some of these your way if it turns out that the fatigue-killers are too effective.


Assuming the math is correct for the amount Summon Creatures, my guess is that it would be a very specialised build, throwing all resources into Summoning. These builds tend to be easily countered or to be worked around, even if the GM doesn’t make their NPCs and monsters immune to Fatigue. A single succesful Nulify attack for example would negate huge parts of this kind of all-in build.


Second Option is what I’m going for but with Boon focus 3 allowing me to have 2 sets of summons active, allowing me to reach the cap of 7.

As Boon focus 2 lowers the cast time to a major action you can use the free action summon with a major action summon in one turn. I still have to wait a turn to use the minions however.

I only have a single level in Furious minions at the moment, but it is the next thing I intend to invest on as well as maybe boon focus animation. :smiley:

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Yep, My Dm has used more elite units with better Aoe’s to great effect against them but that’s the way the game goes.

Haven’t got to lvl 5 just yet so I’m mostly just doing damage attacks with them.

It feels like an effective build after level 3 but before that it’s not very good. When you can summon more than 4, just having that many attacks if they survive or just soaking up a lot of attacks is very useful.

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If I were DM’ing your game, I’d put you in a town that banned magic (or at least summoning) just to see how your group would do.

This is something a lot of people get confused reading Boon Focus 3 too fast. You don’t get a free action invocation of a boon, you only get the shortened length from Boon Focus 2 (in the case of Summons, a Major Action).

If the boon is somehow temporarily canceled, in the absence of other rules, you can invoke it again as a free action.

That first part has to happen before you can invoke it again as a free action, which isn’t something that happens very often, if ever.

With Boon Focus 3, however, you can just be walking around with your summons b/c you aren’t having to use the minor action to sustain them, and then when an encounter happens, you can summon an additional set.

It is possible this is what you meant originally, but the wording wasn’t entirely clear, so wanted to point it out just in case.

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Your second point was the one I tried to get across :wink:
I kinda mangled it in my excitement to explain and lack of sleep :sweat_smile:

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