The Brotherhood of the Whispering Ring


So, I have begun to ascribe statistics to major NPC’s in my world, especially the NPCs of epic levels. This thread is to show off those NPCs. This is my first adventuring party, the Brotherhood of the Whispering RIng.

I shall update this thread as I make the NPCs.

Here is the FIrst: Ander Shattersoul

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Epic indeed!

(As someone who has also used HeroForge as an ersatz NPC illustrator, allow me to share aPROTIP that I am chagrined to have gone so long without noticing: You can click the “Screenshot” option to get a quick, clean PNG of the character without all the HUD-esque cruft.)


It’s been a long time since I posted one of these, but at last, I introduce the second member of my epic character builds, Balamer Shargrim.

I have been inspired to do these post a little more frequently than has been the norm thus far. So, I introduce Rinn Liadon, the Aethereal Hunter, and Harbinger of the Order of the Misty Arrowhead.