The Blood Magic Feat

Blood Magic (I - VI)

Cost: 1


  • Tier 1: Any Extraordinary 1
  • Tier 2: Any Extraordinary 2
  • Tier 3: Any Extraordinary 3
  • Tier 4: Any Extraordinary 4
  • Tier 5: Any Extraordinary 5
  • Tier 6: Any Extraordinary 6


You use ancient and occult methods of spilling your own blood to empower the magical effects you create, to make them reach new, previously unreached, heights.


Anytime you use an extraordinary attribute to make a damaging attack, a bane attack, or a boon invocation you may add one or more of the following effects. Each of these additional effects deals a set amount of lethal damage to you, up to a maximum amount of the tier of the Blood Magic feat you possess.

Advantage - your roll gains advantage - 2 damage, can be applied up to 3 times to a single roll
Area - increase the area of effect while negating the disadvantage - Damage following the multi-targeting rules
Baneful Attack - add a bane if you deal 5 or more damage - damage equals to the power level of the Bane afflicted
Persistent - Boon lasts X rounds without needing to be sustained - damage equals to the number of rounds
Potent - Target gets disadvantage 1 to resist the next bane you inflict - 3 damage
Reliable - The next boon you invoke automatically succeeds - 3 damage
Upgrade - A bane or boon increases to the next higher possible PL, even if you normally weren’t able to use that PL - Damage equals to the difference from one PL to another


May I ask why the tiers stop at 6? Did you feel going higher would be too powerful, potentially?

Indeed, as you can mix and match the effects, I feared that you might be able to produce effects that are too powerful.

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I really like the idea, but 1 Feat Point sounds almost cheap.
Have you had the opportunity to playtest this yet?

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Gosh, no. This was a brain fart I had on my commute. I think 1 point is fine conceptually per tier, as there is another natural restriction through the lethal damage you take, but I guess playtesting would need to confirm or refute that.

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Oh, I didn’t realize the damage was lethal until now! Thanks for the clarification!

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up to a maximum amount of the tier of the Blood Magic feat you possess

This feels a little wordy, and that it is tacked on to the end of the sentence, I didn’t quite catch the meaning at first. A small suggestion on a few tweaks to the wording.

Anytime you use an Extraordinary Attribute to make an Attack (damaging/bane) or a Boon Invocation you may add any combination of effects listed below. Each effect deals a set amount of Lethal Damage to yourself. Add the Lethal Damage from each effect. The total can not be higher than your Tier in this feat, and you must have enough HP to not drop to 0.

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I really like this, it seems like a fun way to give mechanics to a common way of viewing magic.

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I might at some point delve deeper into this concept, depending on what kind of campaign my players want next, but I thought I’d share my first intuition because the concept is somewhat of a regular topic

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