The Beauty of Entropy and The Fluidity of Creation

I made two (N)PCs recently. They were made to go well together. Made them with a Sci-Fi setting with some magic in mind but it shouldn’t be too hard to transfer them into any other setting.

Alys - The Beauty of Entropy (Level 1)

Attributes: Fortitude 4, Might 3, Logic 2, Will 2, Deception 2, Entropy 5
Defenses: Toughness 16, Guard 15, Resolve 12
HP: 22
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • No-Dachi/Staff Attack (Damaging, Melee) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) vs. Guard (inflicts Knockdown Bane)
  • Shard of Entropy (Bane, Short Ranged) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) vs. Toughness (inflicts Fatigued 5 Bane)
  • Field of Scilence (Bane, Short Ranged) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) vs Toughness (inflicts Deafened 4 Bane)
  • Disruption of Space (Bane, Short Ranged) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) vs Toughness (inflicts Disarmed 3 or Persistent Damage 4 Bane)
  • Blind Revelation (Boon, Self) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) (grants yourself the Blindsight Boon)
  • Call upon the Void (Boon, Short Range) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) (creates a Barrier (PL 5) or a space of Darkness with a radius of 25’)
  • Preservation of Energy (Boon, Self) - Entropy (d20 + 2d6) (grants yourself the Life Drain Boon)

Feats: Superior Concentration I, Resillient
Perks: Ageless, Attractive
Flaws: Stubborn, Cold Personality
Character: Alys is a calm, cold female who’s usually passive. She is a lot tougher than she looks and has a mindset as dark as the night. Play her as you see fit with this description.

###Zal - The Fluidity of Creation (Level 1)

Attributes: Agility 4, Learning 2, Perception 3, Persuasion 2, Presence 2, Creation 5
Defenses: Toughness 10, Guard 15, Resolve 12
HP: 14
Speed: 35’
Favored Actions:

  • Longsword Attack (Damaging, Melee) - Agility (d20 + 1d10) vs. Guard
  • Laser Gun Attack (Damaging, Close Range) - Agility (d20 + 1d10) vs Guard
  • Incendiary Granade (Damaging, Close Range) - Agility (d20 + 1d10) vs Guard (inflicts Forced Move 4 Bane)
  • Blinding Strike (Bane, Short Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) vs Guard (inflicts Blinded 5 Bane)
  • Fusing Grounds (Bane, Close Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) vs Toughness (inflicts Immobile Bane)
  • Tripping Hit (Bane, Melee) - Agility (d20 + 1d10) vs Guard (inflicts Kockdown Bane)
  • Display of Creation (Bane, Short Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) vs Resolve (inflicts Provoked 5 Bane)
  • Call upon Light (Boon, Close Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) (creates an Aura (PL 4) or a space of Light with a radius of 25’)
  • The Creator (Boon, Short Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) (create up to 25 cubic feet of permanent, non-sentient matter via Genesis (PL 5))
  • Mending of Wounds (Boon, Short Ranged) - Creation (d20 + 2d6) (heals 2d6 via Heal 5 Boon)

Feats: Fleet of Foot I, Great Leap I, Evasive Footwork, Fast Draw
Perks: Ageless, Courageous
Flaws: Honest, Hot Tempered
Character: Zal is a very active, harsh male who’s pretty active and charismatic. He has a surprisingly strong-looking body with a heart as bright as the sun. Play him as you see fit with this description.

I hope this can be helpful for you when you’re looking for some quick characters, whether they’re NPCs or PCs. Feel free to change them up to fit your purposes as this is just an inspiration I wanted to share.


@Lithimlin, these are pretty cool. I’ll have to consider more how, exactly, they work together, but I’m sure I’ll get there :slight_smile:

A quick question, though, was it intentional to use Entropy on Alys’ staff attack? I would have thought it should be Might.

It was indeed intentional since she has a higher score in Entropy than in Might, but you can change it to Might if that is more logical for you. I imagined the staff or blade to be a manifestation of Entropy which is how you’d get it to work with that Attribute.

I know I have made a magus who uses energy as a sword attack and describe it as creating a sword made of fire to strike his enemies. the sword disappears when he is not attacking. If anything its a limit to using the attribute since he could be using it at range but is doing it at close range instead.