Temporary hit points

Are there any rules on hit points over “maximum?” I can’t seem to find any rules prohibiting or allowing. In fact the only mention of a maximum I can find is in the combat section. But nothing says you can’t go above your total hp with life drain or heal as an example.
Say I have 20/20 HP and deal 10 damage with life drain, do I now go to 25/20 HP until combat ends and have had 10 minutes to rest?

There are no temporary hit points, max means max in this case, unless there is something that specifically mentions otherwise (which there isn’t).

Life Drain is the same as healing/regeneration, when you receive HP from that, you don’t get above your max.

To expand on why I put this in, Feats (and in some cases banes/boons) can do things beyond the rules, such as Multi-Attack, you can’t multi-attack unless you have the feat (this is why the rules for multi-attack are only found in the feat and not in the combat section).

The boon Life Drain allows you to gain HP, but never mentions about going beyond your Max.

Likewise, in the polymorph bane and shapeshift boon and alternate form feat, it is damage that transfers between forms, even if your max HP changes due to Attribute values changing.


OL defenses are more like damage reduction in a sense, so increasing your defenses (i.e. resistance boon) is a way to get temp HP against every attack (sorta/kinda).


There can be special items (under the approval of the GM) that could grant HP via special property, though typically more in the vein of Legendary items.

I believe the Infinity Suit (in core rules special equip chapter) gives additional HP while wearing the suit for example.

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