Teleportation and Plane Shifting

Ok, so curiosity strikes again. I see that teleport is a boon using movement,and at power level 9 you can teleport anywhere. Would this be how characters would travel through different planes of existence or would this be a boon that I missed?

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We discussed this briefly on Discord, and the general consensus is to not use a Boon for planar travel, but a simple Attribute roll with a solidly high target number.

Though yes, PL 9 teleport could do the same trick.

Ok. That works for me. I was considering a home brew rule where a player with a high movement stat could role to plane shift and the D.C. Would be dependent on how far from their current plane they wanted to travel ( my planes are concentric rings)

In my head anyways, plane shifting should be something that not just anyone can do. Limiting it to PL 9 seems fine to me, but if you want it available at lower levels, it seems to me like a ritual or artifact of some sort would be needed. Or just set a really high CR for it. Wouldn’t want those paladins storming the gates of hell to early, now would we?:wink:

That is why I said set the D.C. According to the plane they are trying to travel to.

My only issue with just setting a high CR for it is when it is needed. High CR works in a tight situation and timeline, but if they are out of combat and out of danger (say, in a city), I would say you need to figure in a story way of going. I say that in opposition to the idea that there is a cost for missing the CR that is not inconsequential.

Because carrots are better than sticks.

Not necessarily, for slipping through the fabric of the universe is no easy task, so even out of combat and pressure, they need to have consequences for a bad roll. In this case my success with a twist would hurl them across the planes but to the incorrect plane, while failure but the story progresses would burn out the focus for the ritual and the party would need to seek out another way.
It’s not a stick especially if the story takes an interesting turn because the dc was not met.

You wouldn’t be home brewing if you did an attribute roll with a DC (CR in OL’s case). That’s exactly what OL says to do.

You can even use the idea of increased difficulty found in Nullify to be able to cast plane shift at a higher PL than what you have.

If you define it as a PL 9, then the target CR is 28.

To be clear about the intention of the rules (and this is more often the case than I feel people realize), I was intentionally ambiguous and did not comment on interplanar travel in the Teleport boon description because I wanted the GM to make the decision about whether or not it works that way, since that’s a cosmology question and Open Legend doesn’t dictate any one particular cosmology.


@brianfeister that makes a lot of sense, I usually get curious how other gms handle it so I can make the decision when my party asks. I like having a pool of options to draw on.

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