Teleport PL9 would it take years to cast?

Question on the Teleport PL9 Boon
I am currently playing on a sort of space adventure in the game and I play a character that is currently high on movement and on her way to power level 9.
My question is, If I would like to teleport from idk… a planet to another planet.

with power level 9 teleport:

“Power Level 9 - Using the same longer invocation time for power level 7, you can now teleport your target to any location without range limit, provided you have personally seen (through magical or normal means) the destination.”

It refers to a rule from power level 7,
“Power Level 7 - You can opt to take longer in invoking the boon. If you choose to do so, for each minute of invocation (delay before making your action roll) you can teleport the target 1 mile, up to a maximum number of miles equal to your Movement attribute score. While the distance is greater, this mode is also dangerous, as a misunderstanding of direction or geography can put your target many miles in an unfavorable direction. You simply choose a direction (relative to your starting location) and teleport your target a number of miles equal to your Movement score. During invocation, you must spend a focus action each turn until the invocation time passes.”

To teleport from “Earth” to “Mars” with a distance of 33.9 million miles, how long would it take me to teleport there?

Is it 1 focus action a good roll and you are there?

or is it 64.4 years of casting at a speed of 1 mile per minute?

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Economy of Scale. Faster than Light exists as an option (see vehicle rules in Chapter 9).

Generic Attribute Rolls exist as well.

Oftentimes, though, the GM will need to determine the CR for actions that aren’t spelled out clearly in the rules. In these cases, the GM can use the Challenge Ratings by Difficulty Table to set an appropriate CR.

For a space campaign, there can easily be “way points” (or any other terminology you want) for connecting to more easily in order to do a jump, but yes, i would think just a straight teleport over light years would be very difficult to just do on your own (lots of potential complicated math to even do that sort of jump correctly, or however teleport works in your world, etc).

Devices and gateways could be constructed to teleport via, or to amplify natural abilities to teleport.

But yes, normal teleport rules you would have to spend 1 minute per mile.

Awesome, thanks for the quick clarification.

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