Tarrasque in Open Legend

Has anyone tackled recreating a Tarrasque in OL?

I’m curious as to how everyone would approach one of the most iconic and powerful creatures of DnD.

Here’s my take on it. Going for the “Kingdom Killer” version, impossible to stop and damned difficult to survive an encounter with it (at least on paper; my players are tricksy enough that they might be able to manage it once they hit level 10+). Remember it has Undying Rage, so even if you manage to reduce it to 0 HP, you still have to figure out how to remove any targets for it to attack for a couple rounds so that the rage drops and it dies.

Edit: forgot to add, ability-wise I’m using the 5E Tarrasque found here as my inspiration.

Tarrasque, level ??? boss
Might: 10
Fortitude: 10
Agility: 4
Will: 7
Perception: 4
Presence: 10

HP: 500 [because it’s the TARRASQUE, not a normal boss]
Guard: 30 (normal raging) / 36 (vs Forceful/Precision effects) / 39 (vs knockdown/forced move)
Toughness: 33 (normal raging) / 39 (vs Might/Agility-based effects)
Resolve: 24 (non-raging) / Immune (while raging, as per Impervious Trance)
Speed: 40 feet
Size: Gargantuan (25 feet on a side, 25 foot reach)

Boss Edge 7

Immune to Fire & Poison.
Immune to the Fear, Demoralize, Dominate, Charm, Incapacitate, Death, Fatigue, and Stupefied banes.
Resist +9 vs Knockdown & Forced Move, and damaging attacks must succeed by 9 higher than normal to inflict these banes.
Resist +6 vs Forceful & Precision.
Resist Polymorph: The Polymorph bane can affect the Tarrasque’s attribute scores, but cannot reduce them by more than 2; it cannot change the creature’s general shape, cannot affect its movement speed, and cannot reduce its size by more than one step (Gargantuan -> Colossal).

Reflective Carapace: Any offensive ranged spells cast on or including the Tarrasque in their area have a 1-in-6 chance of completely missing the Tarrasque and rebounding on the caster. The exact means by which this occurs depends on the situation, the spell, and the DM’s discretion.

Constant Blindsight.
Constant Regeneration: heals for 2d6 HP at the beginning of its turn.
Natural Defense x3
All the Battle Trance feats.
Attack Specialization (Natural Attacks) x3
Overpowering Strike
Crushing Blow
Vicious Strike
Multi-Attack Specialization x6 (5 attacks on its turn, all at -6 Disadvantage; claw/claw/bite/gore/tail-swipe)

Potent Bane (Fear)
Potent Bane (Demoralize)
Primal Fear: 60 foot radius Fear bane attack, +4d8 vs Resolve, does not suffer Disadvantage for multi-attacking.

Superior Bane Focus (Immobilize), applies only to its bite attack.
Potent Bane (Immobilize), again only when biting someone.
Swallow: Any creature that remains immobilized by the Tarrasque’s bite for a full round and is hit by its bite attack a second time is swallowed. It takes 2d6 points of Acid damage per round while it is inside the Tarrasque, is Blinded, Stunned, Silenced, Deafened, and cannot use any non-One Handed weapons. If the creature(s) inside the Tarrasque manage to deal 50 damage to the Tarrasque’s insides (Guard 20 / Toughness 30) it spits anything in its stomach back out.

Melee attack: +4d8+12A, or +4d8+6A while Multi-Attacking.
Demoralizing Roar: Can attack up to 3 targets at +4d8 vs Resolve (up to 9 if it did not Multi-Attack this round), for -3 Disadvantage to all of the targets’ rolls.


I have a version in the book I have on these forums. Book link


Wow. This actually scares me as a GM. I’m glad I have about a year before my campaign ends to plan the encounter.

Thanks for taking the time to build this. Will you be putting it on the wiki?

How did I miss your book!? Thanks for putting all of those together. 10/10 will be stealing ideas from it’s pages.

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Mwahahahaha! :sunglasses: You’re quite welcome, it was fun building it!

Dunno about the wiki, I need to look into how easy it is to format the thing and whatnot. No objection to doing it, though.

Also, take the above build as a foundation, and be ready to add on stuff to keep it interesting.

I can totally see a group going “okay, it’s a big dumb brute that only does physical damage; let’s get a high-level caster to put Resistance 9 vs Forceful on all of us, and then just stand there and wear it down while it futilely claws at us.”

Alternatively, if your group has multiple people who can cast Potent Immobilize or Slow, or worse yet a specialized Barrier-caster, it’s possible for the group to plan on just keeping it pinned in place while they and their allies fill it full of arrows.

I’m sure there are other ways of dealing with the thing, but this build is actually pretty vulnerable to strategies tailored against it, if the PCs are high enough level to counter its strengths and reasonably certain of what its capabilities are.

However, the Tarrasque is a subject of legends, and legends sometimes leave things out or add fictional bits in to make stuff sound grander. Information control and foreshadowing are great ways to deal with the “problem” of a group that is making preparations which look to curb-stomp the thing and/or make the fight into a cakewalk. For example, if the legends make the Tarrasque out to be a simple physical engine of destruction, but leave out the critical detail that it has void powers, your players are going to be taken by surprise and have to think on their feet to deal with its ability to shrug off banes and dispel their boons. Or, alternatively, there are stories about how it somehow has the ability to suck people into its maw, but no details about how it actually has its own gravity field. DM’s call on how to approach all of this, obviously, as it’s highly group-specific.

So! Below are a couple of things to keep in the DM’s back pocket, as it were. Mix and match the following, but above all tailor the critter’s build so that your players have an interesting but not impossible fight. Molten Core turns it into a souped-up dragon, mandating that melee have fire resistance and that ranged attackers be wary of its breath weapon; Void-Borne is a hard counter to bane- and boon-heavy groups. Gravitic is a moderate counter to ranged-heavy groups. Combining two might be fun, for a high-powered group; all three are liable to be a TPK, barring super-heavy contingency planning.

Molten Core power-set
Energy 8
Superior Bane Focus (Persistent Damage), fire effects only.
Potent Bane (Persistent Damage), fire effects only.
Scorching Scales - Aura, always on, 15-foot radius; rolls +3d8+4A vs Guard; on a hit, deals 2d6 Fire damage and inflicts Potent Persistent Damage at PL4, which deals 1d6 fire damage at the beginning of the target’s turn. The aura attacks every time someone enters or ends their turn within its radius, dealing its initial damage and refreshing the Persistent Damage bane.
Magma Arc - Boss Action, melee AoE damaging attack: 50-foot line, +3d8+2A vs Guard, ignores any Disadvantage for Multi-Attacking on its turn. A successful hit inflicts Potent Persistent Damage at PL 8, dealing 1d10 fire damage at the beginning of the target’s turns until it is removed.

Void-Borne power-set
Protection 8
Bane Focus (Nullify)
Boon Focus (Restoration)
Dissolve Magic - Boss Action; the Tarrasque can automatically succeed in using Restoration on itself, removing all Banes of level 8 or lower that were inflicted by Extraordinary Attributes, and reducing the Power Level of all PL 9 or 10 Banes afflicting it by 1.
Touch of the Void - any melee attacks that exceed the target’s Guard by 5 or more can automatically inflict the Nullify bane at PL8, removing one Boon of PL8 or lower currently affecting the target. Alternatively, it can reduce the PL of a single PL9 or 10 boon by 1.
Drain Magic - Boss Action, ranged bane attack. Range 50, rolls +3d8+3A vs Resolve (+9A if it did not Multi-Attack on its turn). If successful, it inflicts the Nullify bane at PL8, removing one Boon of PL9 or lower granted by an Extraordinary Attribute currently affecting the target. Alternatively, it can reduce the PL of a single PL9 or 10 boon by 1.
Swirling Void - The Tarrasque can sacrifice its next Boss Action to use the Defend action against a ranged projectile attack, rolling +3d8+7A vs the attack roll to place a portal to the Void between it and the projectile, shunting it off into another dimension.

Gravitic power-set
Movement 8
Bane Focus (Forced Move)
Potent Bane (Slow)
Gravity Well - The Tarrasque constantly emanates a gravitic pull on creatures within 50 feet. This is effectively a combination of two always-on Auras. The first has a radius of 50 feet, and rolls +3d8+2A vs Guard to inflict Forced Move on the target at PL4, dragging them 10 feet closer to the Tarrasque. The second aura has a radius of 25 feet, and rolls +3d8+4A vs Toughness to inflict Potent Slow on the target, which is treated as a PL5 bane for the purposes of Restoration.
Tractor Beam - Boss Action, ranged bane attack. Range 150, rolls +3d8+4A vs Guard to inflict Forced Move on the target at PL8, dragging them 20 feet closer to the Tarrasque. If the target is within 25 feet of the Tarrasque, the beam instead rolls +3d8+2A to inflict Potent Slow on the target. If no targets are within its melee reach, on its turn the Tarrasque can Multi-Attack a single target with repeated Tractor Beams to draw them within killing range.