Tabletop Simulator

Has anyone thought about putting together a workshop file for Tabletop Simulator for A Star Once Fallen? I would totally put one together myself but, I don’t know when I will have time to do so. It would also be cool to see a file put together for Amaurea’s Dawn when it is released. I would certainly be willing to help with a group if one were to form.


don’t know enough about tabletop simulator, I’m guessing it can support the rolling mechanics, but never used it myself.

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It's on sale for $10 from bundle stars if anyone is interested in it. I'm good with the 3 VTT's I have, hehe.

I really like Tabletop Simulator because it works with a ton of games and can be used in VR and on a normal display. So, I am hoping that a workshop file will eventually be generated for some OL stuff. If I do finally get the time to put something together I will most certainly post it on here.

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