Sustain Perk: Flavor and Features to Races

#New Minor Action
Activate/Sustain Perk
Works just like Sustain Boon, but for Perks that mention they require you to sustain

##Perk Example
Dark Vision
Through your bloodline, you have the ability to see better in the dark. As a result, you may choose to activate your Dark Vision as a Minor Action, which extends out 60’. You must use the Sustain Perk Minor Action to keep up this type of vision.

This way you can have the benefit, but it takes away from you doing a Focus Action, or keeping it up from certain effects of banes.



#Important Considerations
Naturally there might be some balance concerns with creating perks like this, so that should be considered, but if you have several Perks liek this for people to choose from it shouldn’t be as big of a deal.

##Dark Vision Example
It isn’t too overpowered, b/c blindsight and truesight, neither of them actually have distance limitations. It is reasonable to assume it affects your vision and you can see out as far as your normal vision. Though some GMs might decide differently, or use the extraordinary range for this.

##Which Action to Invoke and Sustain
Some other options to make it potentially more balanced:

  1. Make it a move action to invoke the perk
  2. Make it a major action to invoke the perk
  3. Make it a regular sustain action instead of a new minor action to sustain
  4. In the example of Dark vision, limit the range more

Of those, I’m actually in favor of #1 the most. But curious as to others thoughts on this.