Summon Creature Limit


I was looking into summoning mechanics and found this thread:

I found this passage:

At tier 5 you have to roll a 20 with d20 + 2d6 (average roll of 17.5) to summon 1 creature, but you are able to have 5 total creatures.

I wanted to ask where the rule passage is that determines the summon limit, and if there is none, what hinders me from summoning infinite creatures with a good roll on the D20?


Hi @Exort. The limit on summons is part of the boon itself, and was added due to the power of what we call “action economy”, where many actions, even lower powered ones, can start to take over an encounter with increased options, spread of damage and chance of explosions.

You can see the rule in the Effect section of the Summon Creature rules, but I’ll paste it below anyway:

Your minion cannot act on the turn that it is summoned. On each of your following turns, your minion acts on your initiative count according to your direction, receiving the usual assortment of actions. You are limited to a maximum number of summoned creatures equal to your invoking attribute score. Feats and other abilities cannot increase this limit.