Suggestion: Introductions Thread

Greetings and salutations! How’s it going?

So, one thing that I noticed as I came into the site was the lack of a thread for introductions (unless I just missed it, in which case I do apologize). Considering a variety of new users who may want to share a thing or two about themselves (or at least I assume there are more people like that out there, given I usually see a subforum for introductions almost everywhere), and the trust system that is in place, I think it might be helpful to have such a place added to the site.

However, this may have already been considered by staff and simply rejected rather than implemented, in which case I am curious about the reasons why no such section exists in the site currently. If it’s alright to tell me, I would love to hear said reason.

Have a great day!

Here is the introduction thread: Hail, Adventurers: An Introduction

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I think there may have been a msiunderstanding. I was referring to a thread for individual members (in general) to introduce themselves to the community, not a particular member’s introduction.

that thread has been used as the introduction thread, you’ll see everyone responding with who they are and their “origin story” as the original poster asked.

I see. Thank you very much then!