Star Wars Themed Enemies

My group wanted to run a Star Wars themed campaign and I decided I wanted to whip up a ton of enemies so I can have more of an inventory for future campaigns. I made two others, but those are modified versions of other peoples’ creations so I chose not to include them. I will enjoy seeing feedback and be adding more soon!

Stormtrooper - Sniper Variant
Attributes: Agility 5, Fortitude 1, Perception 5, Logic 3, Learning 2
Defenses: Toughness 11, Guard 15, Resolve 10
HP: 12
Speed: 30’
Feats: Lightning Reflexes, Attack Specialization II (Sniper)
-E11’s Sniper Rifle (Damaging, Ranged) - Agility (d20 + 4d6 {advantage 2}) vs Guard
-Leg Shot (inflict Slowed) - Agility (d20 + 3d6 {adv. 1}) vs Guard
-Tend to Wounds (invoke Heal 3) Logic (1d20 + 1d8) vs 16

Attributes: Agility 5, Might 3, Alteration 3, Fortitude 2, Perception 3, Will 2, Logic 1
Defenses: Toughness 14, Guard 17, Resolve 12
HP: 18
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon Focus (Invisibility), Untrackable, Lethal Strike
-E-11 Blaster (Damaging, Ranged) - Agility (1d20 + 2d6) vs Guard
-Vibrodagger (Damaging) - Agility (1d20 + 2d6) vs Guard
-Activate Invisibility (invoke Invisible) - automatically succeeds
-Nasty Cut (inflict Persistent Damage via either weapon) - Agility (1d20 + 2d6) vs Guard
-Flashbang (occasionally equipped with one or two), Blinded 5, area 15’ cube, Agility (d20 + 2d6) vs Guard


Also, see all the NPCs that are linked in this Adventure written up by @SamWilby


Yep! I changed the descriptions slightly to avoid problems with IP, but Project Sunbird was originally written for Star Wars. I’m sure you can figure out what each different enemy was originally with a little thought.

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