"Star Wars: EotE minions in OL"

Hi, I’m a… i guess second-time GM in the middle of creating a Superheros in the American revolution campaign. I have the basic story figured out but I’m not sure what to do with “normal” enemies, say a normal human redcoat and how it’s stats should be compared to a first level hero as I still want the heroes to feel more powerful than a normal humans.

I’ve played Star Wars: Edge of Empires and they use minions as groups of enemies to gain greater stats and pose more of a challenge. As well as giving the enemy some story flavor why it’s so powerful. I’m thinking of giving them something like:

"4 Redcoats
Agility 4
Fortitude 3
Perception 2
HP 5
Guard 13
Toughness 15
Resolve 10 "

My thought is that when the enemy reaches 0 HP it becomes a “3 Redcoats” that has lower stats, Also any damage over 5 gets pulled over the next enemy so they can still oneshot them. And when we want big battles so they can use multi targeting attacks there are just multiple groups they have to face.

“3 Redcoats
Agility 3
Fortitude 2
… and so on”

Have any one of you tried doing something like this in OL? If so do you have any advice?
Sorry for my English and/or incomprehensible babbling, English is not my native language.


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Seems like what this is.

I am actually familiar with that effect in the game.

Might be easier to just give them advantage based on size. As they lose people, they lose the advantage.

So a group of 4 Redcoats as Advantage 2

A group of 3 has Advantage 1

2 or less no Advantage.

Not sure if that is a good spread, but just throwing it out.

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I ran my larger scale combat this same way. Squads of 5 of same creature type and gave advantage 3, 2, 1, then none. Worked out great, cut down on my rolls, and still they were a threat as a group. As a side benefit, it reduces the chances of Nat 20’s. GM nat 20’s can end a campaign in a hurry.
Beware the PC with combat momentum and combat follow thru!!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll run a couple of combat simulations to see what works best.

I’ll post my results here :smiley: