SRD/website Core Rules/Backerkit PDF. What rules are 'latest'?

I’d like to be able to create reference sheets to ease my players into their first game.
However I’m having difficulty working out what rules I should be referencing.
As far as I know there are 3 locations the rules would be:

The problem is it took next to no time to find discrepancies between them.
The latest discrepancy I discovered based on the changelog itself - - which shows a change not found on either the website or SRD is in regards to the “Ferocious Minions” Feat.
It says “incorrectly stated Logic as a prerequisite attribute. However, that was wrong. It should have said Alteration and Energy. It is now corrected.”
In the SRD though it shows only Influence. And The core rules state Alteration/Creation/Entropy/Energy/Influence as prerequisites.
This is especially frustrating when I’d like to abide by the Open Legend Community License which asks to only directly reference the SRD.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone with more time spent here knows the ‘latest’ rules location so I can share reference sheets with my players with more confidence.

The SRD is really quite out of date, it will be updated at some point soon but Kickstarter fulfillment is a priority right now. The website, PDF and GitHub should theoretically all be identical and all be up to date; any differences will be minor errata at most. The GitHub is the source code, but the print version runs on a different branch, which may result in a few differences with the PDF. The changelog entry you spotted actually has been implemented, on the website and in the PDF Logic has been replaced with Alteration and Energy, giving the current list of Alteration/Creation/Entropy/Energy/Influence rather than Creation/Entropy/Influence/Logic.

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the thing you are referring to is only b/c of internet and coding.

Ferocious minions in the official backerkit probably says “invoking attribute” as I recall, but that doesn’t work when you are looking stuff up on the internet, and have sorting. So on the website, it lists all the possible attributes instead.

Website will eventually be more up-to-date than the PDF in theory. Updates to the PDF would be much fewer than updates to the website after all. Right now they should be pretty sync’d though.

Using the website or the PDF should be just fine.

There are some Quick Reference Sheets out there already too, and they are still accurate.


Thank you both so much for your informed responses.

Ahh that logic>alteration/energy change makes a lot more sense with that context, I didn’t know of it’s previous appearance so that tripped me up. Appreciate you clearing that up.
I can certainly understand the KickStarter fulfillment being a priority, I was just lost as to where to look for the most current ruleset.

The easy sorting on the website is great, so I can understand if there’s discrepancies with that kind of phrasing to aid both formats.
Yeah I saw and appreciate the reference sheets I already discovered here, however their formatting is too intimidating/spread out for my players (who are new to RPG’s from some light-medium boardgaming experience and 1 single light RPG session).
As such I’d like to try and break it down a bit more for them to make the learning experience more approachable. Additionally some reference sheets I would have loved to use myself are landscape, but my GM screen is portrait.

Again thank you both very much for your help with this, I look forward to the opportunity to play with this exciting system :slight_smile:

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