Special equipment clarification

Hi guys I am trying to make a list of magical items for quick reference and I am thinking of making an item similar of a belt of giant strength. If I assign an attribute of might 5 to the belt can a character make attacks through the item with his weapons and feats or the item should be a weapon?

well if you were wanting to make it like a belt of giant strength, then the item would give the player the strength, allowing them to carry more, etc. So it would be close to a Legendary Item in that case (instead of a +X to Might, just assign a Might score of 5 to the player).

Though mechanically, you can just give it to the belt, and allow it as the GM for the player to use that might to do things. I don’t think it would be too much to allow, since only Might 5.

Usually you would assign it to a single weapon, and then when using that weapon for an attack. The belt would allow more versatility this way, and WL wise should probably be more.

The reason for a belt in D&D is different than in OL though. Yes it does allow a higher +X to attack and damage rolls in D&D, as well as higher carry capacity. BUT, via the belts are some of the only ways to have higher than 20 STR in D&D. Whereas in OL you could have a belt that gives persistent bolster to Might to achieve a similar effect as well.

So I guess the questions is, what are you actually wanting the belt of giant strength to do? Whenever you are translating an item or a mechanic from another system, always do so with description first rather than mechanical effect, as different systems do things in different ways. With an idea (rather than a strict mechanical concept) you can understand the purpose and then create it in the other system better.