So just for fun Any one want to stat up a displacer beast

Just as the topic says. Any one want to stat up a displacer beast?

Okay, I’m not super familiar with displacer beasts (never had one show up in any of my D&D games) but a quick google and the important things about them that I’ve found are:

  1. It’s fairly fast
  2. Hard to hit because of an illusion of itself near to its actual location
  3. Reach attacks from its tentacles

So this is my attempt:

Displacer Beast - Level 6 NPC

HP 30
Guard 20
Toughness 16
Resolve 18

Might, Influence 7
Perception, Fortitude, Agility 5


Multi-target Attack Specialist 2 (Melee), Fleet of Foot 2, Evasive Footwork, Damage Resistance 1 (Ranged and Melee attacks vs Guard)


Lash: Make a melee Might attack with 10ft reach, multi-target more enemies wherever possible
Entangle: Might Bane attack, Immobile
Throw: Might Bane attack, Forced Move
Confuse: Influence Bane attack, Demoralised


Isn’t that a bit high of a level?

I tend to take the CR and divide it by 2 for OL and then base around that. I don’t remember Displacer Beastes being that powerful. CR 3, so I’d try to make it a NPC 1-2 level.

How I tend to convert things.

Might 4
Agility 2
Fortitude 3
Perception 1
Movement 5

Guard 16
Toughness 14
Resolve 11

Hit Points 18

Then I’d give it some kind of very powerful Resistance Boon that it can only use on itself to increase it’s Guard by 6 vs all attacks - This may seem powerful. But if hit, the Displacer Beast loses this ability until it’s next turn and has to use a Move action to re-establish.

Evasive Footwork.

Multi Attack Specialist for no penalties.
2 Tentacle Attacks (Might, Bludgeoning and Piercing, 1d10).

This looks to fit in with a NPC level 1/2 area.


typically a creature is created for an encounter, and not always a 1 on 1 vs the PCs, but fewer of them. A level 1-2 NPC wouldn’t survive vs 4 level 1 PCs for long at all. Whereas a level 6 could last a bit longer.

So it’s more of a question of the levels of the players.

A CR 3 creature in DnD is a challenge for 4 level 3 DnD player characters. However, I’ve never used CRs in DnD as they’ve never felt close to accurate.

when creating a creature, or transferring nearly anything from another TTRPG, it’s more about capturing the feel of the creature, and how you want it to appear in your world.

I’d say both of these work fine, though what I’ve seen of displacer beasts, the higher level feels like it fits a bit more for my type of games.

But the point of the thread is to see different interpretations, so the more the better, as everyone’s game/world will be a little different!

Yep I like both of your versions As Moustache said the Lvl 6 would be great for dropping one on the players, but the one you made I would use if I wanted to use a pack.