Small village on a star once fallen map

There is a small village marked on the left side of the map in a star once fallen. It is not marked with a name and I don’t recall seeing any thing in the adventure about it. So did any one else use it for anything or have their party notice it and want to go there?

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You mean the wapungo village?

However if it truly isn’t mentioned then it is something the GM can decide to use if they want fire whatever they want. I believe they are all talked about or mentioned at some point though.

nope there is another on north of the wapungo camp it is west of the river. It is drawn in the center of the forest there. I think i will make it another ancient village the tribes stay away from if the party decides to explore it.

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I’ve been debating that one and assumed maybe it was just a second Wapungo village. I like the ruins idea

Thats what I did with it as the party did infact want to go check it out. I left some homemade scroll there for them to find and after they searched it for a bit they left. I decided to not add a combat to the area but one could be there. maybe even the home base of the monkeybats.