Sling staff.. thoughts?

Had a crazy thought for a weapon for a character that has the Pacifist/Bravado flaws, A sling-staff. This is a staff (not sure whether is walking cane size or quarterstaff size) with an odd set of notches at one end. When a pouch with rubber strings is attached to that end, it allows the wielder to hurl sling bullets with great effect. Heres what Im thinking for the stats for it

Name: Sling-staff
Category: Versatile Melee, Close Ranged
Properties: Forceful, Precise
Banes: Knockdown, Forced Move, Stunned
WL: 1

Feedback would be appreciated :smiley:

Not sure why you put rubber there, usually they are just leather or rope of some sort. Rubber is a more modern thing I suppose, but rubber breaks easier, and sling were more about you whirling around your head to launch, not the pull back with rubber we are used to with sling-shots and the such.

So a time period would help some there. Here’s a reference:

My only suggestion is separating the banes between the ranged and the staff, as I don’t feel knockdown or forced move make as much sense for the rock part of it.

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Yeah that’s fine I agree with all those points. The only reason I put rubber there was when I was writing it, couldn’t think of anything else

With the bane seperation, how would they be written?
Ie banes: knockdown,forced move(staff), stunned(sling) ??

This makes me think of a lacrosse stick :smile:

I would probably do it like:


  • Melee: Knockdown, forced move
  • Close Ranged: Stunned