Simplified HP system - Hit Counters System (Replaces normal HP rules)

Math and calculations are hard. Me and the boys have never been that good at math, we aren’t proud of this fact, but it is still a fact.

As a result, the constant grabbing of calculators tend to slow the game down sometimes.

This is tolerable, it isn’t that slow… But combat? Combat is a bog sometimes because of all the HP tracking.

Introducing the HIT COUNTERS!

Instead of HP we have HC instead!

Counters are easier to keep track of. You can even use dice or tokens to keep track of them! Physical trackers are always fun!

Back at it again with the homebrew rules.
Our internet is finally stable again, and so is my mental health condition!

As the pitch says this aims to make the life of the not so math fortunate people (or just lazy people) a lot more convenient and faster.

I introduced this homebrew to my current on-going campaign a while back.
It was a bit unpolished at the time but with a few tweaks here and there, we reach the current version of the Hit Counters you see up at the link.
We have been running with the Hit Counters and it’s been fairly fun. Reasonable enough that I think I can share the rule with others so they can have fun with them as well.

It achieves the goal that I had in mind of faster combat by reducing time spent doing basic arithmetics so yeah. There’s that at least.

Pros and Cons and other such things are already detailed at the document. Have fun.

Feedback and questions about the rules are always welcome as usual.

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