Simple & Colorful Character Sheet

Hi, I’m Danny.

I’m fairly new to the Open Legend game system, but I am enjoying reading the core rulebook and getting familiar with the mechanics of the game.

While looking at the stock character sheet, I thought it was rather bland and didn’t make any sense. Lots of things were missing, this led my search to the forums here. I searched and found many good designs (You guys are very talented! keep it up!) but I still felt something was missing.

I wanted something that was simple, easy to understand, and above all had some tooltips that explained certain parts of the character sheet that isn’t obvious for new players.

Hours were spent researching many different character sheet designs, the core rulebook, and any other resource I could find. After many more hours, I finished with this design. It is by no means perfect, and it may not work for some players. However, the key goal was to make something that was easy for new players to dive into, and have it theme neutral.

Below you will find the link to the PDF file for the character sheet. Give it a test run and see how it works. Let me know what you think, and if there is anything that can be done to improve it.

Open Legend - Custom Charactor Sheet.pdf (153.9 KB)

Thanks and happy adventuring!


Nice! I like a lot of what I see here. A few questions though:

First, under defenses there’s a weight total, what is this for? the weight of armor?

Beneath that there’s a armor total, what is it for?

Then there’s one Additional defenses, is this for boons like aura? inactvie inventory?

Wounds are neat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think Feats will need more space.

I’m not sure why theres both an Actions space and banes/boons ones.

The attribute overview table could also have the CR of boons. (attribute of 1 is 12, 2 is 14 and so on)



Hi tonton,

To answer your questions the weighted total is to help you have an idea of how much of a negative impact on the number of things you are carrying affects your movement speed. this is mostly for when you play a more tactical combat system where you have miniatures and a grid for them to move on. It’s not so much for armor, although that can affect weight (that’s up to your GM though) since there is a lot of flexibility it can be used however you want to.

Armor total is just that it shows the number of bonus points your armor gives you to add to your defense score. this is there in case the GM allows that sort of thing.

Additional Defenses is a notation space for say if you have special armor that protects you from the bane “Poison”, “Sleep” etc. it can be used in any way needed.

As for Feats, I couldn’t fit more spaces due to page size constraints. The best thing would be is to write the extra stuff on the back page. I could work on an extra Feats page that could be printed double-sided. So that’s very helpful information.

As for the Actions section, this area is used for special skills or spells that you may have, also if they happen to have an extra ability. for example if you are a rouge and have a backstab ability, but it also has the added bane where you cause bleeding. this is where you would put that action. As far as the extra Banes and Boons, it does seem kinda redundant, having more space for actions seems like a better idea. I can modify it again to allow that since the actions have banes and boons already in there.

The Attribute Overview is mostly so new players can know what dice to roll with their skill level. This was an issue for me when playing any tabletop RPG with friends, especially with GURPS. (dear god I hate the math in that game) I tried to keep it simple and less confusing as to what Attributes need to be shown. Sometimes less is better. The most commonly used stuff I felt needed to be on the page.

Hope that answers your questions, let me know if you have more feedback or ideas. I will take what you shared and implement them in the second revision. :smile:

*Side Note - I was looking for the original file and it is gone >_< sad day, Looks like I’m gonna make a brand new one from scratch. Maybe make it look a little more professional.

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This is default rules, so not sure you would need GM to allow it, unless they would disallow it?

I think the point of confusion is b/c there is a spot for that already, so it is kind of listed twice (it is a spot to fill out in the Guard calc section).


I understand what you’re saying. That box was intended to be used for quick reference of your total Defense score. (Ability + Might + (Armor) + Misc.) “Armor Total” is a spot to total your armor that you are currently wearing. It was meant to make it easy to update your Armor totals before adding them to your Guard stat box. (Seems kinda redundant now lol) I know it’s a bit confusing, and I can see how that could be the case. I will gladly take the information and implement it into the updated version. Thanks for the input! :wink:


Version 1.1.0 will be posted soon! I have taken as much information and suggestions as I could and implemented them as best as I could. Some things needed to be removed that were not frequently used. This was to make room for the necessary changes. Some things stayed the same as they have a practical use for referencing purposes.

The updated post will go down today this evening.

Here’s the updated version. If anyone knows how to make a PDF file have fields you can fill out while using a tablet please let me know.

Had to update the sheet since one of the social skills was missing (Deception) Below is the current version. If you are not sure if you have the updated version check the number at the bottom left corner of your sheet. If it does not say 1.1.1, then it’s outdated.

Open Legend - Custom Charactor Sheet Version 1.1.1.pdf (151.8 KB)