Simple Character Sheet

I made this text-based character sheet for myself and the people I normally play with. Since text files are universal, it should work on all operating systems and can be read in most browsers. Nothing special, just thought I’d put it up in case someone else found it helpful.




2 people posting character sheet thingies at the same time.


I have nothing to say, just wanted to point that out.

I’ve never used character sheets before.
All of our notes and characters are written in pad paper, we write our own character sheet from scratch using ball pens and then write erasable notes with pencils.

The Character Sheet I designed I think is way better than the actual character sheet meant for Open Legend and that’s partly reason.

It saves printer ink money and we’ve used it for every RPG we’ve played so far and it works.

This and the other ones are pretty nice.
I usually GM and we are a low tech party, my laptop acts as my screen, my everything as a GM. The txt file character sheet would be handiest for me for quick writing of NPC’s and such maybe… So I’m definitely using it. Better formatted than the microsoft word file that I designed at least. XD

Glad to hear you like the formatting!

I’ve had multiple D&D 5e characters that used text character sheets. I just save them on Github and the DM can go in and see a time-stamped record of any change made to it whenever they feel like it lol.

On my wish list (read: no time to do it) is an ASCII export of the HeroMuster character sheet, so I have a small place in my heart for your effort. :slight_smile: