Similar game mechanics

Sorry to bother anyone I’m desperately trying to get a hold of someone or some additional contact info.

I’m Dan from we have been working on our own TTRPG. One of our new testers, mentioned that we had a similar game mechanic to Open Legend . ( we have ten attributes that are assigned a value. And each attribute value has a corresponding dice value that is added to a skill roll. ) in reading the open legend rules it seems that the only similarity shared is with how the attributes add a dice to a roll. We want to make sure we’re not in violation of your copy write.

Please advise, send contact info, or if I can send material for your review. We were going to be publishing late 2022.

Generally, @Great_Moustache checks the forums daily but if you want to contact him directly, this email is also an option:


Thank you so much! Found out about the similarity this afternoon and was panicking. :star_struck: