Silencing Strike with failed damage attack roll

If you have the silencing strike feat and fail a damaging attack roll against an unaware target and the GM lets you choose to inflict 3 damage, will the target be afflicted by the silenced bane? The bane description just mentions “deals damage” and not that the attack roll must be successful.

I would say no, your attack failed, thus it doesn’t trigger.

The optional rule in combat to use the “3 choices” isn’t necessarily that your attack dealt damage, but the back and forth in fighting resulted in damage.

Overall it would be up to the GM given the situation/narrative of the moment.

To me, it feels like you would be getting too much in that instance.

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I agree with Great_Moustache. If you fail, I don’t think the target is unaware anymore. It would be up to the GM and situation, but in most cases, I’d say no.

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